Professional photos for dating websites

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Professional photos for dating websites

Being real from the start ensures that there will be no unexpected surprises later on.

No photos from ten years ago, however attached to them you are – keep it fresh!

Then there should be a full length or at least upper body shot.

It’s also a good idea to have one photo doing an activity that interests you (see 6, below).

If you love dogs and animals, then why not bring your pet with you?

The first should be a recent crisp and clear head shot that shows you smiling and reveals some of your character.

The bottom line is not to hide, but display with confidence your most pleasing features. An exception might be the black and white photo of Alison at the top.

She looks so gorgeous in it and it really captures her. If you have a photograph that shows off your features and connects to the viewer as much as this one, then obviously do put it first.

Statistically, dating photos with the most clicking action are those in the landscape orientation and that show at least some of the body.

Extreme close-ups suggest something to hide as do wide angled, far away shots.

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But second shot go full length (or at least upper body – as above)… I find outdoor dating shoots to be the most pleasing in terms of light and opportunity.

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