Pub quiz speed dating

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Quiz Dating is a great way to meet lots of singles without the pressure of the classic one on one four-minute speed date.Plus it may just be scientifically proven as a great environment to meet someone with both beauty and brains.There's a prize for the winning team and because it's a group-dating format there's less pressure than with one-on-one speed dating. The entrance to Perini & Perini is inside Ponti's restaurant. - Doors open 7.00pm - Event starts 7.30pm - Speed dating finishes approximately 9.30pm - Venue closes 11.30pm It’s essential that you arrive before 7.25pm in order to take part.

On one of our Pub Quiz Speed Dating nights youll join around 40 other quiz loving singles in one of Richmonds best little bar getaways; One Kew Road, a lovely bar with a relaxed attitude, perfect for pub quizzing, on the outskirts of busy London.

In Britain, men who are physically attractive have IQs an average 13.6 points above the norm while women are about 11.4 points higher.

Interesting stats from a leading evolutionary psychologist, Statoshi Kanazawa, who's based in New York and currently studying the link between good looks and IQ.

Sure our Pub Quiz Speed Dating events arent exactly Mensa meetings but, our single quizzers are sure to turn out to be more than just a bunch pretty faces. So on the night you'll be given a Speed Dating scorecard to keep track of the singles you meet and, importantly, the ones you would like to see again.

Then you'll play rounds on general knowledge, sports, music, and pop culture.

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That illusive combination that most of us look for when searching for a match could be found in a round or two of Quiz Dating.