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Pullman blanket dating

The collection contains primarily early railroad Americana, including interior and exterior views of private and business cars as well as passenger and street cars.The collection is an important part of the historical record of the railroad car-building industry as well as the history of architecture and interior design.The copy prints were originally stored in loose binders but were re-housed into folders and arranged numerically according to the original Pullman Company number.The number is typically found in the lower right corner of the image.The original prints begin with number 7343 and end with number 33091.

This simile illustrates the uncertainty and sadness that Auggie feels after his fight with the older kids at the nature reserve.

Without his hearing aids, he feels lost: he can no longer "hear brightly," so that an essential part of him appears to be missing.

He feels like he is miles under the earth both because he cannot hear well and because he is so upset about what has happened.

Via will always remember the way Grans took the time to look out for her and cherish her.

When Grans told Via that Via was her angel, her favorite, Via let that secret become her security blanket, her reassurance that someone really did care even though her needs were often pushed to the side in her family.

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The prints are primarily 8" by 10" black-and-white and were originally bound into books and backed on linen. Many of the original prints bear an embossed stamp "Built by Pullman Car and Manufacturing Corporation Chicago." Some photographs are sepia-tone and there are no negatives for these prints.

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