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Puma serial number dating

And the development and perfection of hunting and pocket knives was the next logical advance in a country where hunting has always enjoyed the status of a sport rich with tradition.Today, Solingen is a thriving city with a population of approx. Though largely rebuilt following heavy bombings in World War II, it retains a vitality tempered with charm, innate pride in production and accomplishment, legendary dedication to the creation of cutlery to the extent that there still exists “cottage industries” where items are made by artisans in their own homes.This vast experience with metal and its ready availability, coupled with the German people’s traditional technical skills and penchant for research, bore the inevitable fruit of Solingen’s supremacy in cutlery.From sword blades to straight razors, shears and scissors was but a natural accompaniment to the march of the time and progress.Puma Germany is the original label made in Solingen.Today, almost 250 years ago, they still manufacture blades and cutlery in top handmade quality under the brand name PUMA Germany.

Over time the company changed their production from pocket – and household knives to functional knives e.g. In the 50s PUMA developed some of their most popular hunting products in history (see below “Famous Knives”). The labels “IP” and “TEC” were added to the traditional PUMA knives from Germany.The sheaths of our German hunting knives are attractive, top grain leather, most of them embossed with metal protection on the tip.The hardening and tempering of the blades is done by skilled craftsmen to insure that they will not only stand up for a number of years under regular use, but that they will take and maintain the sharpness ideally suited for a hunting knife.Note: We only offer 100% german knives made in Solingen, no PUMA SGB (SGB is a product series for the US market.Unlike our knives only the blades are made in Germany in the SGB series).

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The company combines traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. To maintain and magnify a lore of perfection is a matter of pride, perseverance and adherence to long-established standards associated with a name and a product.

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