Reformed view on dating

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Reformed view on dating

The difference between dating and courtship is striking.Where dating is done much earlier, courtship is done later.To be a Reform Jew is to hear the voice of the prophets in our head; to be engaged in the ongoing work of tikkun olam; to strive to improve the world in which we live; to be God’s partners in standing up for the voiceless and fixing what is broken in our society. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys with all my heart (all 6 of them), but there is something very special about my daughters that delights me like nothing else.

Reform Judaism affirms the central tenets of Judaism — God, Torah, and Israel — while acknowledging the diversity of Reform Jewish beliefs and practices.In 1900, middle-class courtship was more carefully supervised; by 1930, the supervision and formality had given way, like a poorly designed dam, and many of the familiar landmarks were swept aside.. ”, would be only a of the bombardment of questions asked of the boy. All relationships in the home should pass through the covenant head as the gate keeper of the family.With sweaty palms, and quivering lips he would ask permission to court his daughter. He alone will be responsible before God for the relationships fostered under his care.Somehow, over the years, we have adopted the world’s mentality that dating is simply a part of growing up, and hopefully we have taught our young people enough of the Bible to govern their actions. Obviously if we let them out that door, we have failed them and our Lord on a rather large scale.Fathers, it is your job to protect your daughters, in the face of tears, arguments, and fainting fits.

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For some reason, much of the Reformed community scratches their heads in bewilderment when you bring up the subject of dating.

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