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Relaxed molecular clock dating

fits a strict or relaxed molecular clock to a phylogenetic tree and estimates evolutionary rates and times of common ancestry.The calendar time of each sample must be specified (possibly with bounds of uncertainty) and the length of the sequences used to estimate the tree.

We analyzed previously published HIV-1 envelope gene sequences collected from within 1 month of infection with sample intervals of days and weeks and traced HIV evolution at the onset of immune selection.

uses heuristic search to optimise the TMRCAs of a phylogeny and the substitution rate.

An uncorrelated relaxed molecular clock accounts for rate variation between lineages of the phylogeny which is parameterised using a Gamma-Poisson mixture model.

This finding advances our understanding of the robustness of HIV-1’s molecular clock under immune selection, implying the potential for molecular dating.

The molecular clock serves as a focal link between molecular evolution at a microscopic level and species evolution at a macroscopic level [1, 2].

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We examined HIV-1 diversification patterns under immune selection from serial measures of HIV-1 envelope gene sequence diversity.

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