Resource designer cs not updating

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I've seen posts elsewhere - and generally from some time ago - where the solution was to do things like clean, exit Xamarin Studio, delete bin and obj folders and rebuild. Other posts I've seen have pointed to a problem with resources themselves - like malformed xml files. I've also upped my build logging to diagnostic level, and can't see any problems with resources etc. Profiler === Version: 0.33.2 Location: /Applications/Xamarin OS/Xamarin Profiler === Apple Developer Tools === Xcode 8.0 (11246) Build 8A218a === Xamarin.

Mac === Version: (Xamarin Studio Community) === Xamarin.

If ever in doubt then add and then remove a control from the ASCX file to regenerate the designer.

It is almost always best to leave the designer file closed.

Hi, The project I'm working on has a large number of layout files, however the file does not seem to have them in.

If I add a new design file, that is not being added either.

In the Layout View, the Color seems to be found and is also displayed correctly.

But as soon as i try to compile the App, i get an Error, that "No Resource found that matches the given Name (@color/my Color)"...milions of "Clean All" , and tons of "Build All" or "Rebuild All" still didn't fix the problem....

foreach (var picture in pictures) // Add the file to the project and set the Custom Tool property. Get Files(resources Path, "*.resx")) I have flattened the above code a little bit, cause in my real solution i use a custom class for each picture instead of the simple filename to also support the same filename in different sub folders (by using a part of the folder structure for the namespace generation). Stream Writer sw = new Stream Writer(@".\Demo Resources.cs"); string[] errors = null; CSharp Code Provider provider = new CSharp Code Provider(); Code Compile Unit code = Strongly Typed Resource Builder.

It just seems like this file is not being updated every time...

now i at least want to be able to compile that file whenever i want, and not whenever Xamarin thinks it would be ok to do so...since it cannot even detect changes made to the Resources, at least give me the possibility to compile it myself.

O I'm using a custom color as background for my List Items.

The color is defined in the and referenced in a Layout-File (.axml).

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