Resource in use updating firmware 4560

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Resource in use updating firmware 4560

It relates to a wireless communication [0002] The present invention generally, and particularly to a method and apparatus in a wireless communication system using information between distributed control architecture of a base station the mobile station transaction processing (transaction) is used.

Advocates of this trend suggested that resource control functions placed in the base station will produce better system performance due to more timely information will be available for radio resource management decisions.

[0018], next-generation support is currently the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) wireless communications network design and specification at work is called Long Term Evolution (LTE) Union.For example, when a distributed architecture fast moving mobile station (mobile station 160 in FIG.1, such) may be better served by the same area of ​​the macro cell, the mobile station 160 may switch between a number of micro-cells ( frequent switching is generated).[0001] This application is filed on October 23, 2009, the international filing date of December 20, 2007, Application No.200780052719.8, entitled "approach to the mobile station history information in a wireless communication system and divisional device "patent filed.

resource in use updating firmware 4560-43resource in use updating firmware 4560-63resource in use updating firmware 4560-75

[0005] Another aspect ー, the switching network control procedure such as a conventional process in the embodiment 3GRNC centralized architecture of such a current can be more readily utilized with a number of neighboring cells in a case and a user equipment (UE) is located cell information related conditions.