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During the court proceedings Strand hires Jens-Peter Bergen, Esq.another Viking infamous for being video recorded having sex with the Zumba dance prostitute in her Kennebunk studio.

What the losers at 60 Minutes left out was the recent announcement that Face Book just made a BILLION investment in a block chain company for their launch into CRYPTO CURRENCY! So what does the population use for their go to currency? Answer to the question in the headline is: The quality of the paper it’s printed on. Judge Donald Marden, a longtime judge in Maine said it was his policy not to allow any recording in his courtroom other than the official court reporter. Even when confronted with the copy of the rule and QUESTIONED by a member of the Committee he held fast to his WRONG assessment of what was on the printed page!FTM could not load the entire photo of Strand's penis because the hosting platform won't allow porn postings.of May 60 Minutes ‘news show’ did what can only be described as a half-assed report on crypto currency, that was out of date by the time it aired.What goes through Duane’s mind when he shows up at the gym that Peter has gone to for years in civvies with his gun on his belt under his shirt to intimidate the manager to bar Peter from the gym?Before all this happened Peter was getting close to being engaged to marry Duane’s daughter, Erin, photo below.

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The police come to the waterfront, rescue the woman, and arrest her on the dock, handcuff her, and take her to Kittery P. Could you find a non-Hunter Douglas product to buy and not enrich any company that employs Toralf Strand?