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Fathers should also explain to their daughters that they should not let whoever they’re in a relationship with walk all over them, and make sure it’s known that her opinion matters, too.

Compounding this issue are myths about fatherhood that are perpetuated in our society, including those that can lead to misleading assumptions about dads that can diminish the contributions active fathers make in the lives of their children.One of the most important findings from our study involved the importance of father-daughter communication about sex and romantic relationships.Fathers need to have the courage to ask their daughters about relationship concerns. We were also curious about what emerging adult daughters hoped to learn from their fathers about romantic relationships.Specifically, we focused on the emerging adult (18-29 years-old) population and interviewed a sample of 24 women in this age group (M=20.7) ranging from freshman to graduate students at a Mid-Western University.

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To promote healthy family functioning and child development, we need to readily acknowledge the unique role of fathers.