Single fathers with dating daughters

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Single fathers with dating daughters

Of course, the road is filled with self-doubt, hardships, mistakes, second-guessing decisions, frustration, and apprehension.Even though these issues can plague every decision a father makes, what the main factor to concentrate on is the well-being, safety, security, and happiness for his daughter.In 1960, about 14% of single parent households were headed by fathers, today almost one-quarter (24%) are.There are some notable differences between single mothers and single fathers.However, when you have a healthy father-daughter relationship, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.There is one other thing that we haven't discussed on - your dating status.Every parent, whether you are talking about mothers or fathers, has his/her capabilities when it comes to raising their kid(s).But when the question arises of a father raising a daughter, that too without her mother, the situation takes on a different angle.

As a result, men make up a growing share of single parent householders.A record 8% of households with minor children in the United States are headed by a single father, up from just over 1% in 1960, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Decennial Census and American Community Survey data.The number of single father households has increased about ninefold since 1960, from less than 300,000 to more than 2.6 million in 2011.If you have or are planning on dating again, no matter how old your daughter is, be honest with her.If and when you feel that the person you are with is right for your daughter, have them meet one another.

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Dating, while raising a daughter without a mother, is not easy.