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With the length of Lake Michigan’s coast ahead of us and plenty of time to reflect on the weekend, my thoughts naturally turned to the Church and weddings.

This happens to be an area of expertise for my canonist husband, so I hoped that he wouldn’t mind if I asked him some canonical questions about the Church’s view of different types of marriages.

-One Catholic marrying one baptized non-Catholic Christian with canonical form Only Catholics are bound by canonical form.

To inquire about serving as a guest contributor, contact [email protected] Any time there are two baptized people who have a valid marriage, it is ipso facto a sacrament.An example of this would be if baptized Methodist Jane married baptized but now agnostic Zack before the justice of the peace.(However, in this situation it would be possible to receive a dispensation from canonical form from the local ordinary.) Also, in this instance, the Catholic party must make the additional promise to do all in his or her power to baptise and raise the children Catholic, and the non-Catholic party must informed of this promise, which is usually done during the pre-nuptial investigation by the priest.An example of this would be if Catholic Mary married Protestant Calvin in the Catholic church.

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Also, as in the above situation, it would be possible to receive a dispensation from canonical form from the local ordinary.

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