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Skylinedating com

A high point for June was the reception and open house that Skyline threw in honor of visiting New Zealand letterpress artist Terrie Reddish, who was traveling through Arizona to see family.There was a good turnout of local letterpress folk and a fine time was had by all. In the golden age of metal type, the big foundries had entire departments devoted to composing and printing their catalogs.

Our young new hire Jared is fitting in well and learning the fine points of getting newly-cast type from the galleys into packaged fonts.

This one’s for you, Zip Code 84214: Here’s Dormer in 18 point.

Originating in 1888 with Chicago’s Great Western foundry, their successor Barnhart Bros. Partway through casting, the lowercase C mat failed catastrophically.

Just completed for your printing pleasure: Goudy Text Shaded in 36 point. Back in stock and available again are Delphian Open Title 18pt, Extended Black 24pt, Collection No. We’re still pushing hard to get more of our numerous soldouts back into stock. This is one of the coolest antique faces ever, originating in 1889 with the Great Western Type Foundry. & Spindler, which renamed the face Bamboo and continued to offer it well into the 20th century.

This grand face was only cut in the one size, and it joins standard Goudy Text and the complementary Lombardic Initials (both in 48) in our product line. In April that was accomplished with Della Robbia in 24 point (despite an undetected mold micro-failure that necessitated hand-dressing the foot of all 540 lbs of type in this casting). The face was ditched when American Type Founders absorbed BB&S, but it was revived in the 1960s by our patron saint Chas.

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