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Posted by / 20-Dec-2019 22:53

Social issue on teen dating

A majority of teens believe social media has had a positive impact on various aspects of their lives, the survey finds.

A smaller share of these teens say they unfollow others because they act differently online than in person (43%) or post political views they disagree with (22%).

Overall, 37% of teens think that social media helps people their age find trustworthy information – and only 7% think these sites help “a lot” in that respect.

Older teens are more likely than their younger peers to believe social media helps teens interact with people from various backgrounds.

A smaller share of teens report regularly posting things that they want to go viral (29%).

Notably, in each instance close to half or more of teens say they rarely or never share these types of posts on social media.

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In general, girls are more active than boys at disconnecting from others on social media.