Speed dating cairns

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Speed dating cairns

“We want to solve real-world problems to improve people’s lives,” said Nancy Allbritton, MD, Ph D, a professor and chair of the Joint UNC/NC State Department of Biomedical Engineering.

“This idea is about being able to deliver a drug to the wound in a reliable way,” Cairns said of the bandage concept.We want to be the leaders.” Teams came up with ideas for studying how colon cancer spreads in the blood, for studying radiation as a first-line treatment for sarcoma, and a potential new method for delivering pain medication to wounds.The competition was a cross-campus initiative of UNC Lineberger, the Joint UNC/NC State Department of Biomedical Engineering and University of North Carolina School of Medicine Department of Surgery.The third-place team won ,000 to analyze colorectal cancer cells circulating in the blood in order to better understand the disease’s spread.The fourth place team won ,000 to study using a non-invasive ultrasound technique to determine the severity of a patient’s colorectal cancer.

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