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The study of these languages is important for us as the Scandinavian dialects influenced the development of the English language in the epoch of Scandinavian invasions into Britain. Because of the peripheral settlement of Goths compared with the other Germanic tribes Gothic had preserved the greatest affinity with the Proto-Germanic language., e.g.

The following chart presents the family tree of Indo-European languages: GROUPS AND LANGUAGES: 1. It is divided into three main subgroups: East Germanic, North Germanic and West Germanic. Ruhfus Elke Hansch Emma Heydel EPPINGER PETER FRITZ ERDMAN RICHARD GEORG VOGT Ergin Rene Kazovali Erika Hanni Walther FRANK HERY LENHARDT Franz Hampel Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Service Worldwide FURST ZU YSENBURG, F-Maximilian Gappmayer & Partner Garant Mobel Marketing Lauten GMBH Georg Delhaes Georg Johannes Delhaes Georg-Michael Bernd Stephan Thomas Alexander Lehmann-Pottkamper Gerd Artur Stiefel Gerd Stiefel Gerhard Eberstadt GERHARD HEINRICH KOTTEMANN Gerhard Wacker Griesinger Geb. The basic sociopolitical unit was the pagus (clan). General Features of the Development of Middle English Grammar. Contact with Semitic languages in Mesopotamia and with Kartvelian languages in the Caucasus led to the adoption of many foreign words. It goes without saying that our chief interest will be with the Germanic (Teutonic) group, since it includes English and its nearest relatives. Most Western languages stem from an Eastern branch that rounded the Caspian Sea. C.) It should be noted that alongside with large groups of languages, like Germanic, Italic or Slavic, the Indo-European family includes individual groups each of which consists of only one language, such as Albanian, Armenian and Greek.

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