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Every wondered how to become a squirter or how to make women squirt?What better way to find out than from women who love to squirt.Based on your answers you may now see our list and photos of gays who are in your area. Click on the "Continue" button below to join our site and begin searching for men who live near you., and other saying it’s definitely something else— one thing remains clear: You want to know what it’s like. At first, it felt like I had to pee and so I wanted to hold it.After that experience, my partner suggested I might be squirting and explained what it was.It sounded like something that only happened in porn.Woman C: After I squirt, I still get embarrassed because my first thought is that I peed, and the extra wetness feels weird and out of place, like something I need to clean right away.I’ve only squirted with my husband, and since he knows that I feel some shame, he reassures me that it’s normal and sexy.

It's something that I've tried to achieve but I just have to keep trying. It tends to happen when I’ve already had sex a few times that day.

I was under the impression squirting only happened during at orgasm, but for me it did not.

I was certainly feeling pleasure but it wasn’t anything out of the norm, pleasure-wise.

Woman C: Me on top and simultaneous manual clitoris stimulation.

Missionary but on certain angle in which the clitoris rubs against him and this one but laying entirely with simultaneous clitoris stimulation.

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My next step is to appeal in person at HQ pic.twitter.com/t TSQUBtcp I Hey guys, just a reminder that we're going down on you 😉 for about 1.5 hrs from 9am EST (that's in about 15 mins time). When we're back up, you'll have brand new search filters for video on mobile.