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Social activities, romance and teamwork will bring rich rewards in the autumn.You’ll want to hide away from it all as you become reclusive as 2019 ends.Meeting people with a romantic twist comes through those you know – they are the conduit to love.

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st)Taking risks and changing direction gives you a welcome break to express your nurturing side as 2019 begins.

A change of scene and steady stream of new faces is the ideal menu to keep you busy and occupied for much of the year.

There’re a cavalcade of new interests and people to keep you busy between May and September.

Fun things like singing, dancing and music are your food of love from November to December.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)In any area of your life where there is respect and understanding, you thrive.

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LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)You love to love and there’s increased excitement in the air in January. October’s a sexy month to post your profile on a dating app or getting out more.

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