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This policy is officially meant to celebrate ethnic diversity, of those, in particular, who had been so far marginalized.But the insistence on ethno-cultural differences, instead of building bridges between ‘people of colour’, has had the effect of exacerbating ethnic differences, as the policy of multiculturalism incites individuals to organize into groups on the basis of cultural similarity and encourages ethnic leaders to speak for the entire community; it has primarily brought about a reinforcing of group boundaries not only between migrant groups but between migrant groups and non-migrant minority groups as well, like African-Americans.Besides, multiculturalism is to be understood in the general framework of American ethnic policy based on racial identification.

It should be first borne in mind that as compared to France where the migrant is expected to individually assimilate into the host-society, the United States is a country which has been promoting a policy of so-called multiculturalism (Lacorne 1997, Sabbagh 2004, Taylor 1992) since the early 1990s.Drawing on this process, this article examines the implications on the inter-ethnic relationships, in particular between Hindus and Muslims (both Indian and Pakistani), as two opposite and competing trends are underway: on the one hand, separate, if not confrontational, Hindu and Muslim identities are arising, while on the other hand, a South Asian identity, ignoring the borders of Partition, is shaping up.This paper1 explores issues of identity reconstruction and community formation among South Asians in a given diasporic context, the United States.Most of these tensions and violence take place in a context of economic and political competition but tend in many cases, like in Great-Britain, to oppose ‘communities’ rather than ‘individuals’.As rightfully underlined by Denis Lacorne: ‘the basic unit of the democratic nation is not the individual but the ethnic community’ (Lacorne 1997).

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Except for a very interesting article by Prema Kurien (2001) on the relationships between Hindu and Muslim Indians in Southern California (written before September 11), this subject has been largely understudied.

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