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The hollow cabochon has a convex top and flat bottom, but the dome is hollowed out and polished.This concave surface enables better light transmission in dark stones.The specimen should be dipped in water often and the face wiped clear of grit to observe the progress.The vibrating lap is fine for smooth, flat surfaces, but not for a curved or convex surface.A slab of the gem material is cut to the desired thickness.After sawing the gem, grinding, sanding, and polishing will finish the operation.

The metal lap or flat plate is charged with loose abrasive.The blade is very thin and made of copper, bronze, or steel.The specimen is hand fed into the saw or clamped into a vise and fed mechanically.The general outline, or shape as viewed from above, is circular, oval, rectangular, heart-shaped, or irregular.The single cabochon has a convex or arched up top and flat base.

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A desirable optical effect can also determine the cutting style (e.g., asterism and the chatoyant cat's-eye require cabochon cuts).

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