Ten tips dating chinese girl

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Ten tips dating chinese girl

Don’t bring it up explicitly over text, and absolutely do not send pictures of anything under your clothes.Further, you may be surprised that she will reject you the first time when you ask her out.Especially if what you’re looking for is less serious, don’t walk up to her while she’s with her friends and make obvious advances—you will be shot down.

Even if you only plan on something casual and don’t want to get in a serious relationship, Asian girls tend to be more shy about the subject of sex, so save all of that for when you’re actually in private and in the bedroom.

A lot of Chinese girls are attracted to foreign men, but as with most girls you will meet in any culture, they are afraid of appearing like they are “loose women” in front of their social circle.

You can avoid this by just allowing her to keep the relationship secret if she wants.

Similar to what’s mentioned above, try to go for clarity when you’re in a situation of differing cultures.

If you want to ask her out to tea and feel that she’s ready to say yes, skip the innuendos and tell her in a very literal way.

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People like to talk about how “hard” Asian languages are, but the truth is that they’re not hard, they’re just very different from Western languages.