Tortoisesvn icons not updating

Posted by / 07-Oct-2019 05:56

Yes, even in the latest Windows 10, you still only have 15 slots.While it didn’t matter much in former times, when they were rarely used, it has become a real problem today.Several different cloud services are now fighting for these few slots, and if you’re a developer, you will probably like Tortoise Git and other clients for source repositories which also use the overlay icons to display the state of the files in the registry in the Windows explorer, which is a tremendously helpful.While all the Tortoise clients share the same icons, these are already 9 of the available slots.The Tortoise clients finally gave up adding blanks, with the annoying consequence that whenever there was an update of one of the cloud clients, and they re-registered their icon handlers with a nasty amount of blanks, my so useful overlay icons for the Tortoise clients disappeared.Being tired of renaming the icon handlers in the registry by hand, I wrote the following Python script to finally end that epic battle.It simply removes all the prepended blanks from the icon names and adds only one blank to those icons I really want to use.

Usually this happens only when rebooting Windows, or logging off and in again.It’s under This is how my registry looks: Windows reads this list in alphabetical order which is kind of lame.I have some icons from Dropbox, some from Tortoise and some other that I suspect belong to Windows or Office.Soon, software vendors found that there is a simple trick to get their icons into the top 10 of the overlay icons in front of all the others, just by prepending the icon names with a blank.This of course spurred an absurd arms race of vendors prepending names with more and more blanks in order to overtrump others already using this trick.

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