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it automatically decides how to format specific data. i've imported a text file with some timing information in minutes:seconds.every time excel automatically makes it hours:minutes. well, when i import it, the data is now conveted to " ".Function Get Text Back From Date(o Cell As Range) As String Dim v_Value As String Dim v_Number As Double Dim v_Days As Integer Dim v_Day Hours As Integer Dim v_Partial Days As Double Dim v_Partial Day Hours As Integer Dim v_Partial Hours As Double Dim v_Minutes As Double Dim v_Int Mins As Integer Dim v_Total Hours As Integer On Error Go To EH: v_Value = o Cell.Value v_Number = CDbl(v_Value) v_Days = Round(v_Number) v_Day Hours = v_Days * 24 v_Partial Days = v_Number - v_Days v_Partial Day Hours = Round((v_Partial Days * 24), 0) v_Partial Hours = (v_Partial Days * 24) - v_Partial Day Hours v_Minutes = Round(v_Partial Hours * 60, 0) v_Total Hours = v_Day Hours v_Partial Day Hours Get Text Back From Date = CStr(v_Total Hours) & ":" & CStr(v_Minutes) Exit Function EH: Get Text Back From Date = "Error" End Function I am having trouble with this same problem.you have to format the cells before you enter the data so excel doesn't automatically format the data for you. -- the data in the cells is NOT formatted automatically by excel but is determined by the user.also, it is often that one cannot foresee how the cells will be used in order to format before entering text.Data is not dated but uses a ":" to seperate a 4 or 5 digit number from a 1 to 4 digit number when ever the second part of the number xxxx:yy is below 61 it thinks It is a time/date. The auto date drives me crazy, especially since I often have to import dozens or hundreds of coordinates that I can't change manually.I couldn't find any clear or specific answers online, but this worked for me: File select the appropriate data column, then the TEXT radio button, then FINISH.

Before you enter the number data, type a space or apostrophe ‘ into the cell then following the number data, press Enter.This is much easier than remembering to update it manually yourself.Note: You can manually update the date by right-clicking the field and selecting “Update Field“.If Excel cannot recognize the date or time format, the date or time is entered as text, which is left-aligned in the cell.This (meaning entering numbers in format NNNN: NN) can be a pain because once Excel has formatted the actual VALUE in the cell has been altered.

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In Excel, when you type a string number like “2014-6-1” or “1/2” into a cell, it will auto format this number to date “6/1/2014” or “2-Jan”.

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