Updating a tudor facade

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Updating a tudor facade

Chimneys, steeply pitched roofs and dormers and often arched entrances are also important features in Tudor revival homes.

The rules to follow when choosing the exterior colour scheme for your house: I’ve seen Tudor houses where the owners have tried to minimise the Tudor details by painting the trim and the siding the same colour. What happens is that it looks like the painter was lazy.

Understanding the architectural details of your house help you in deciding what to feature when painting your house.

When it comes to Tudor revival style homes, the trim boards mimic original support beams the house.

I’ll admit I, I’m not always right, in fact, I’m always learning.

When we painted our last home, it completely changed my perspective of it.

Combined with yelling at woodpeckers all day, I’m sure our neighbors think the new people from Kansas are one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Paint combo #2, you know, the colors we selected the first of 4 times to the store.

Exterior paint colors vary significantly with the time of day, depending on how the light hits it and the colors above and below it were too grey, which originally made it stand out in a negative way.

I worried, I texted, phone a friend & finally decided before Chris gave up on me.Here some tips and rules I use to make choosing exterior paint colours for a tudor home easier: The late 19th century was the beginning of Tudor Revival architecture in the UK and the style spread throughout the commonwealth over the next two centuries.Original Tudor revival houses were half-timbered construction, which meant load bearing wood beams provided the structure and foundation of the house and the walls were filled with stone, plaster, brick or other materials.I think people either love traditional tudor homes (tudor revival) or they hate them.There is no doubt they are unmistakeable in their architecture.

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I wanted to retain the original character of the brick, but also had to tie in the grey roof with green undertones. To make the Tudor a little more timeless and charming, we chose base and trim colors that were only slightly different.