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When prompted to select a case to link the change to, select update none. If the address fields are ghosted out, please email your new address to Attorney Admissions and indicate in your email that your address is ghosted out. You are responsible for updating your phone and fax numbers and email address.Notice Of Change Of Name: Requests for name changes must be made in writing and emailed to Attorney Admissions.Upon the change of a User’s e-mail address, mailing address, or telephone number, the User shall complete the following whenever such a change occurs: Also, parties appearing pro se and counsel appearing pro hac vice must file, in each pending case, a notice of change of mailing address or contact information whenever such a change occurs (Administrative Order 2005-38). Notice of Change of Address WITH Pending Cases: **Please note that even if you edit your mailing address directly within CM/ECF, you are still required to file a Notice of Change of Address in all of your pending cases (see CM/ECF Administrative Procedures 3D.Changes of Address and Contact Information).** NOTE: If this Notice of Change of Address involves a change of the e-mail address, you must change the e-mail address in ECF first before electronically filing the Notice of Change of Address.The Personal Representative's duties include identifying and safeguarding your assets, notifying and paying creditors, distributing assets to beneficiaries, and paying taxes and fees.The Personal Representatives has the power to hire a Probate Lawyer, Certified Public Accountant, etc., to assist with these steps.

Your Personal Representative (known as the executor in other states) is the person (or trust company or bank) you name in your Will who will be in charge of administering your estate.

Most wills that are prepared by an attorney are very reasonable when you consider the potential for problems that can arise when you write your own will.

For illustrative purposes, we typically charge 0 to prepare a will and discuss your options and the potential risks for the choices you will make.

Failure to do so will result in delivery failure of the Notice of Electronic Filing to the old e-mail address.

have any pending cases in this District and you need to update your contact information in the Court's records, you must log-in to your CM/ECF account and update your information in CM/ECF.

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Many people believe that if they do not have a Florida Will their assets will be taken by the state. Florida has a default will for all individuals built into the the Florida Statutes.

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