Updating computer name in tfs workspaces

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Updating computer name in tfs workspaces

Why TFS still shows "wrongowner#test.com" in workspace although there is new email registered as "realowner#test.com"? Click the blue computer icon to Update Workspace Computer Name and you're done. I've tried what the prompt told me : Like so : tf workspaces /update Computer Name: My Old Computer Name but I got back : The /collection option must be specified whenever /update Computer Name or /update User Name is specified.

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When trying to map a local folder to a TFS server as a different user than the one under which I was logged in, I kept getting the message: The working folder is already in use by the workspace [workspace name];[owner] on computer [tfs server].

Displays information about workspaces in the system and updates cached information about a user name or computer name change on the server that is running Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

The detailed format can only be used when the /collection option is specified. Updates security identification information on the Team Foundation server for a user whose network user name has been changed.

If you specify this option, you must also specify a project collection by using the /collection option.

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Open Command prompt and type as shown in below C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE and type the following code with your credential tf workspaces /update Computer Name: Old Computer Name /s:"https://tfs Server Name" In CMD prompt C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE Open the visual studio command prompt and type the following command tf workspaces /update Computer Name:oldcomputername /s: for example tf workspaces /update Computer Name:abc-PC /s: You can run the following command before and after running the above command, this is just to check the workspaces information on your computer.

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