Updating openwrt

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Updating openwrt

If you want all the options of openwrt, including IPV6 support, then Chaos Calmer surpasses Streamboost with extra features.

Does compat-wireless provide automatic updating of the regulatory database, in the same way as crda does?

I can't find Open Wrt 'make menuconfig' options to include crda.

Also, the crda documentation indicates that udev needs to be installed in order to use crda, but udev is not selected by default (and I don't want to install it if I don't have to, as I'm trying to keep the system size to a minimum).

Kernel 3.10 provides fq_codel can be installed with the command: opkg install luci-app-sqm (smart queue manager).

Reference: Wrt_310The DGL-5500 can be safely flashed back to D-Link firmware using the Luci interface.has aqm (advanced queue manager) and 1.7 beta supports the Archer C7, using the same chipset as the DGL-5500.

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