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Permanent removal occurs when inactive voters do not provide written response to the Supervisor of Elections office notice and do not vote over the next two federal general elections.You can change your address or change your name using the online voter registration system.Reporting address changes will help avoid problems at the polls and enable the Supervisor of Elections office to issue an updated voter information card that reflects the changes.Voters who do not notify the Supervisor of Elections office of an address change may find their polling location and election districts have changed and may be directed to a different precinct on Election Day before being permitted to vote.Remember registrations do not transfer from county to county and if the above requirements are not met the voter will not be allowed to vote in that election. To receive a duplicate voter registration card, you must make a request, in writing, to your or Go Vote TN app.

If the voter does not choose to use the above application, the voter may also submit, in writing, any address change within the county to their local county election commission office.

For voter registration purposes, legal residency must meet a two-part test.

Voters must intend the county to be their legal residence plus they must have physical presence.

The voter application is uniform throughout Florida.

Voter registration updates can be made online or can be made in writing by downloading a Florida Voter Registration Application form below.

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Changes to a voter's address can be made using the address change form, or by calling or emailing the Supervisor of Elections office: (239) 252-VOTE (8683) or Supervisor Of [email protected] County

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