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This is a great solution for a small to medium sized business that wants to automate their shipping process and communicate tracking information with their customers.

There are a few steps involved in integrating your system with UPS Worldship.

The ‘ups_order_tracking’ table is used to hold an order number and a tracking number.

Order / Coupon / Subscription Export Import Plugin for Woo Commerce allows you to easily export or update metadata of orders of your store into the XML file format required for printing the labels, shipment tracking, existing hundreds, etc. You existing hundreds, even thousands, of orders using one file which saves your effort and time of manually adding order information.

The plugin also exports individual orders from Orders listing page, export all orders or specified orders by offset/limit with a certain date range in bulk.

Please make sure that Order ID exists in your online store to update that particular order.

otherwise, you get a warning message during the update.

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The ‘tracking’ column will hold the tracking number for this order.

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