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Vanilla dating

I love that since then I’ve completely proved him wrong.I’ll get freaky, but it has to be with someone I love and trust.When I first started dating my current boyfriend after being friends with him for several years, he admitted that he kind of always assumed I’d been approved.Apparently just by looking at me, he said he couldn’t even picture me having sex.I’ve also found that even if the sex didn’t begin as some sideshow event, once we’ve changed the venue, sometimes the weirdness comes out naturally. I could have sat back and turned down the scenarios he brought up that seemed too far but I was so on board.The more I was open to, the more comfortable we became and it became less and less of us bringing things up and more of us just saying something and diving right in. There needed to be an even playing field, so I threw caution to the wind and came up with my own suggestions.

I can’t say I haven’t had my share of mishaps in trying thing some may deem as weird. I’ve made weird noises, or rather, my body has, and I’ve fallen off of more counters and tables than I can count, but I don’t let that stop me.If I can tell he’s feeling aggressive, I let him go to town.If I’ve had a stressful day, it’s my turn to take the reins and make him do whatever I want.I’ve found that even switching from the bed to the kitchen becomes a little freaky.I’ll utilize some spatulas while we’re in there or grab some chocolate sauce or whipped cream. Just because I was the one trying to shred the prude label didn’t mean my boyfriend didn’t want to try and throw me off occasionally.

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I try really hard to not be afraid I’ll sound too weird or push anything too far, but that’s the point of doing it within my relationship.

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