Vmware consolidating snapshots Live sex cams chats

Posted by / 21-Aug-2020 12:30

Vmware consolidating snapshots

If the consolidation fails, there were no snapshots shown in the Snapshot Manager, but the snapshot files were still being used on the datastore. Unfortunately today this happened for me too, but it has been the first time this happened in a v Sphere 5 environment.

And therefore it was also the first time I noticed a new feature in VMware v Sphere 5 / v Center 5: “consolidate snapshots”.

I’ve written a post recently around creating snapshots using the ESXi CLI.

The Needs Consolidation column in the v Sphere Web Client shows the virtual machines to consolidate.

The Needs Consolidation column in the v Sphere Client shows the virtual machines that need to be consolidated and the virtual machine's tab shows a Configuration Issues consolidation message if the virtual machine needs to be consolidated.

Our BE2012 takes snapshots of some VM's to allow them to keep running during backup.

(this would be one of our database servers) Now I get this error : " and when I look at the snapshot manager I see an endless list of snapshots.

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This could lead to problems where a VM that didn’t look as though it had any active snapshots, was still actually writing to the delta files.

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