Who is chika ike dating

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Who is chika ike dating

The inspiration is a couple of many things, first of all I felt led by God, and secondly the foundation is rooted in kindness.Kindness driven to put a smile on the faces of women that thought they had lost hope and thirdly, I know there are couple of NGO’s around the country but I have realised that less attention is paid to under privileged widows and I am very specific with the term ‘under privilege’ because there are widows that are privileged so apparently their husband left something for them, then I have heard from my friends who are victims of what they have gone through from the hands of the family they got married to as a result of them being widows.Primarily, it is sad that we are in a society that doesn’t recognize the role of women in impacting the nation, especially the economy.In this regard, I would say that is the starting point.When you talk to them, they keep telling you, ‘madam make I chop first, make my children chop first before we think of school’.So that drives me; even if it is the basic education with the support of people to send them back to school; at least they should get the basic knowledge of primary and then maybe another organisation takes up their secondary education.

Chinwe Bode-Akinwande is the founder of Chinwe Bode Akinwande (CBA) Foundation.

She has also received several awards and nominations for her works which include Africa Movie Academy Awards for Best Upcoming Actress, 2008 and Africa Movie Academy Awards for Best Actress in Supporting Role in 2009.

She has managed to accomplish a lot despite being young and she is one of the best dressed Nollywood celebrities.

In this interview with EDWIN USOBOH, Chinwe reveals all that makes her foundation tick CBA Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the protection of widows in Nigeria and their vulnerable children.

The foundation promotes immediate and lasting hope, confidence and courage in their lives through various activities not limited to grants, provision of relief materials like clothing, food supplies and importantly economic empowerment.

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They have been thrown out of the house, their kids were sometimes taken from them, and some of them would go with their kids but must drop the last name, which is the name of their husband.