Who is jamie batista dating

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Who is jamie batista dating

It’s in her best interest to help them…She has a lot of what Juliette Lewis had in Natural Born Killers. When it comes to this woman, Dexter is all over her.A poisonous vixen that has easily become one of Dexter’s greatest matches.The blondes, while some of them may not have the same traits as the others one thing is for sure, they are not nearly as psycho as the brunettes.The blondes in Dexter’s life were much more dependent on his love, and needed what he couldn’t offer. They have their own demons (as do the blondes) but they do not seek Dexter’s help to find the key that unlocks these ruthless evil’s they harbor inside.

Unfortunately it turned out to become to a divorce because of Donna Raye Bautista turned out to become a lesbian.As we all know with serial killers, patterns begin to form the more they continue to kill.As for the amazingly addictive show Dexter, another pattern has emerged, that has semi-explained the type of women he likes. Ok, so I realize there have been dark haired vixens who have fallen for the lug, and while he tries to love them back, it still seems forced, rushed and too extreme for him to handle.After the guilty parties are all dead, she tells Dexter she doesn’t want to kill any more, and leaves the show.They have always left the door open, for her to come back possibly which would be a great thing.

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The blondes are VERY vulnerable and suffer from a gaping hole in their hearts that desperately need to be filled.

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