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Why the fuck would someone need to tip someone who quoted a price, did the job for the price quoted.What are they tipping for, the fact that they did what they were hired to do?Others like to be mistreated or disrespected as part of a submissive role play scenario.Of course after the session is over they are satisfied with the escort's performance. I've posted this here before: I had a very hot friend who used to be a rent boy on the side. I have a hard time believing that just in my experience of being a sexual active gay man.Some clients associate hot escorts who bottoms with being wanted (fuck me, you strong man! Not to mention the whole ego boost some client get when they fuck a gay for pay one (I'm fucking a straight dude! The timing is my fault.r135 I was an escort throughout my 20s. Then they REALLY do not want a soul to know what they did to get their first big shot. And we think, somebody, whether the producer or the star or someone else, has had him and this is his reward. One of them played the lead in a cheap monster picture, and you can see his hard-on in one his scenes. There is a lot of attention on the older celebs but what about people like Jake G, Shawn Mendes , Douglas Booth and the many other younger stars thought to be gay?

’ They were genuinely confused about why we would replace such a good cast. He further explained that “The Wimpy Kid movies are different from Harry Potter, which follows the kids as they age…main character Greg is frozen in this preadolescent amber while young actors grow and change.

The only way I would tip a prostitute would be if I hired him to come to my house and do a specific act.

If he consented to do something he wasn't contracted to do then and only then would I pay him a gratuity. But it was the confidence with which Professional Whore whipped out the cell phone to show the number--even though the question hadn't been anticipated--that sold him. Maybe Trisha's the only one who rings Garth's bell! I never expected a client to pay me more than whatever price I quoted. I had theater tickets and plans with a close friend that I wouldn't have broken for any reason - except maybe this client.

According to the escort, Downey was fond of Puerto Ricans.

I saw this kid on and off for about a year and Downey was the only celebrity he ever spoke of so I was inclined to believe him.

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He swears Clint Eastwood hired him twice while in NO filming MIdnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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