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Who is randy orton dating now 2016

" While everyone was expecting some sort of Mc Mahonigans to end the night, the show instead ended with Orton standing tall.

He was now the sole world champion of the biggest wrestling company in the world, a company that once seemed happy to hide him on its Friday-night show — he was a big star, to be sure, but he was several time zones away from the Raw main event.

A bigger part of me was stunned that so much enjoyment could have come from Randy Orton.

The conventional wisdom on Orton is that he’s a silver-spoon guy, a third-generation wrestler with a good look and the unwarranted unwavering favor of Vince Mc Mahon.

That reversal was a mild disappointment; it made sense, given the prevalence of oddball endings on Raw, but the match was so good it felt like it deserved an epic ending.

Part of me was ecstatic to be enjoying WWE so much.

However, the pair could not sustain their marriage and separated ways in June 2013 after being six years with each other.unday night, Randy Orton beat John Cena at the TLC pay-per-view to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.It was an excellent match, in which Orton and Cena battered each other in and around the ring with — as one might expect — tables, ladders, and chairs.Same was the case for Kim; she was previously in a marital affair, but the lady has confined all the details of her ex-husband.Kim had three children from her earlier relationship and despite being stepfather; the love for all the three boys is equally concerned from the WWE Superstar.

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