Who is serena williams dating 2016 Chatral garals xxx

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But it looks like she finally is ready to settle down. An intelligent woman who is cultured enough to keep an open mind when it comes to learning new things and new people.

I love my friends and family, I love having a great time laughing and enjoying the company of others.

She's reportedly 20 weeks along, which fans have worked out to mean that she won the Australian Open .

NPR concurred that Williams was likely two months pregnant when she beat her sister Venus Williams in the tennis event.

Usually, people talk about Venus Williams and her tennis prowess, but these days, they are talking about Venus Williams’ boyfriend, Nicholas Hammond!

Ever since the news leaked, the paparazzi has gone into overdrive trying to take Nicholas Hammond’s photos.

Hammond is a financier and very secretive about his relationship with Williams, but the tennis star wants the relationship to be out in the open.

Williams is very serious about Hammond, whom she calls Nicky.

She even expressed a desire to have kids after seeing how happy her sister is after becoming a mother.

The sources said, “Nicky has met up with Venus in Palm Beach, where his family has a .0 million mansion as well as in the Hamptons, where they have a .0 million house.”Although there is no information on Nicholas Hammond’s net worth, he is very wealthy, according to sources.

As an heir, he will have a fortune coming to him later.

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They have been spotted together at many places in the last few months, and their blossoming relationship has been noticed by people.

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