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He won the Teen Choice Awards 2018 Choice Male Hottie. Cole took to Twitter after he received the honor to express his um...gratitude. Four months after Cole and Dylan were born, the family moved to Long Beach, California. At eight months old, they played Patrick Kelly on star. During his senior year, he took AP Psych and AP Gov.

First of all, IT"S SUITE LIFE ON DECK not SWEET LIFE ON DECK And yes they will get back together in the new episode, Twister.

I'll admit I always feel a bit guilt ridden when dueling children--it's a tad dubious to take the life of a child for social currency.

A wheelchair basketball team visits the Tipton and plays against Zack and Cody's team in order to raise funds for their school.

Zack and Cody try to invite an old friend of theirs to join their team, who recently became a paraplegic himself after a car accident.

However, his bitterness over his recent accident makes this task far more difficult than they can imagine, a fact which the coach of the other team (played by Daryl "Chill" Mitchell) knows all too well.

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"It's no new narrative to say that when people get out of child stardom, they often times rebel in very serious ways. So part of the reason I went to college was that I wanted to fade out peacefully, show everybody I had gone through something that was quite challenging and difficult, but did so with grace and poise and got an education." didn't impress him right away.

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