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It’s not going to get better if you keep some stuff hidden,” said Guglielmetti, who advises being completely honest about how much you owe.

It’s not as simple as just deciding to “pay it off.” You need to know exactly how much you owe, what the interest rates are, and what the repayment options are before deciding how you’ll tackle them.

“Debt or any financial struggle is not something we necessarily feel super-confident about,” Clayman said.

“It can make us worry that somebody might see us differently and not find us as desirable as a partner.” Whether you, your partner or both of you are carrying a lot of debt, here are some tips from experts on how and when to talk about it.• Talk about debt when the relationship gets serious: “Even if you’re not legally bound, if your relationship is at a stage where you have joint goals and you can see a future together, it needs to be discussed,” said financial planner Cristina Guglielmetti, president of Future Perfect Planning.

My boyfriend and I got truthful about our finances when we began contemplating moving in together.He used his quarterly bonuses to fuel his wife’s debt repayment, telling her, for instance, that if she saved ,000, he’d kick in ,000 of his own.• Paying off debt together saves you money: Rather than one person playing the stock market while the other pays interest, Bayonnet advises pooling resources as a way to generate more wealth in the long term.After you’re both debt-free, you can focus on investing.• Check in regularly.This process was easier because she demonstrated she was serious about contributing.Dunn sees a positive side in talking about financial issues with a partner sooner rather than later.

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I had to tell him that my poor credit and my debt meant my name couldn’t be on our lease.